Gulf Stream Challenge
Cuba to Florida - World Record Paddleboard Expedition

  A Cultural Sports Exchange to bridge the gap between Cuba and America through the sea and water-sports, with events since 2001


The Gulf Stream Challenge is an annual event by invitation from Marina Hemingway Yacht Club for promoting athletic competition in water sports and cultural exchange while crossing the Gulf Stream between Florida and Cuba for the purpose of setting world records. Started in 2001 with 3 years of successful trips and a women's team relay record of paddling 112 miles in 
26 hrs 16 min.

IMAGES: Chris Owens riding Waimea Bay,  "Air Drop", 
Eddie Aikau Ceremony, and during inner-island paddle
Images: Women's Event 2002
with Commodore Escrich of Marina Hemingway, children's hospital, CNN news reporter, cabaret and while crossing the Gulf Stream

“When I go to Cuba
 to set the world record I will bring Hawaii's Aloha with me and when I return I want to bring Cuba's warmth and spirit back to America.” 
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Experienced waterman 52 yrs old, from the North Shore, Hawaii will attempt a 160 mile solo non-stop paddle across the treacherous 
Gulf Stream using only his hands!  

2014 Event Athlete Chris Owens

A group of support crew, navigators, medical personnel, cooks and video documentation assistants consisting of 11 persons 
on-board two full contained and customized vessels will arrive from Key West, Florida around June 20th and depart for the world record sports attempt (according to weather) . 

Chris Owens and team deliver gifts of lifesaving paddleboards from the Honolulu Hawaii, California, 
Ft.  Lauderdale and Daytona Beach Lifeguard associations. 

Chris teaches a workshop & “how to” clinic to Cuban Beach Patrol Live Guard athletes on paddleboarding for Life Saving Techniques. 
( Date TBA) 

 The public showing of “Viva Cuba and the Gulf Stream Challenge” a documentary film by Paul Prewitt about the sport of Paddleboarding and the previous events to Cuba from 2001, 2002 and 2004. To be shown at the meeting area at Hemingway International Yacht Club (TBA)

The attempt to capture the world record by Chris Owens in men’s solo paddleboarding from Marina Hemingway, Cuba to the North Florida Keys or a minimum distance of 160 total miles, non-stop and using only his hands for paddling.

Image: Filmmaker Paul Prewitt, after interviewing a 90 yr old Cuban telling the story of life for "Viva Cuba!",
the cultural documentary in production

July 2014
Clinic & Cultural Exchange 
Film Showing 
Departure and
Press Conference 
Filmed for TV!
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Images: Women's Event 2002
crossing the Gulf Stream and cultural exchange at Afro-Cuban art center

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